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     Winn Fuqua has been an entrepreneur since high school and opened an advertising photography studio in Dallas Texas in 1990. Winn quickly gained a reputation as a creative thinker, imaging expert and as someone who always put his clients interest before his own. 


     Winn has been speaking since 1965 but found he loves to be in front of an audience several years ago. Speaking to audiences across the country, Winn is recognized as a social video expert, image consultant and brand builder. His authentic style and ability to communicate with audiences make his presentations truly outstanding. Best described by his clients, his style is recognized as engaging, emotional, intimate and energizing.

     Winn is a co-founder of Preston Hollow BNI, Past Co-Chair of Lots O' Leads for the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce and a member of Temple Emanu-El. He is a frequent volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, Chai and Temple Emanu-El in Dallas Texas.

"Winn has an incredible ability to engage, whether he's taking a photograph or engaged in front of an audience. The energy and innate natural ability of a speaker pops out in this funny relatable photographer that we all love and want more of."


Juanell Teague

Author of The Zig Ziglar Difference




"When Winn is on the stage, I know he is going to bring 100+% every time!  He knows how to connect with his audience and gets fully engaged to knock it out of the park with his high-energy presentations!  Winn ALWAYS leaves you wanting more!!"


Bruce Arfsten

Deputy Mayor Pro Temp • Addison Tx.




“Rare is the speaker who can both inform an audience while engaging them.  Winn is one of those speakers.  I heard his speech 12 Steps To A Great Video and learned much while finding his style engaging and entertaining.”


Dave Shiring

Retired CFO • Dallas Tx.

Winn Fuqua Inc.


Dallas, Tx.


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Speaking since 1965 

   • finally getting good at it


National Speakers Assoc.

North Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Fort Worth PPA

The Dallas Art Institute

Plano Camera Club

Dallas Camera Club

Houston Professional

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